Results of HICM University of Bamenda 2016-2017 First Year Higher Institute of Commerce and Management

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6 Responses

  1. cletus says:

    you guys are not doing the best here….

  2. cletus says:

    if I don’t have A level can I go and do physics in the university given that I have physics at the O level…

  3. Nebakongnwi Edwin N. says:

    please, any information, news, about third year first cycle(direct entery)

  4. Zephaniah says:

    If i don’t have”o” levels maths and wish to do accounting is it possible?giving the fact that i have advance level economics

    • cletus says:

      shutup Zephaniah if you didn’t had maths meaning you are not a mathematician so am sorry you can not and will never so get going punk…

  5. Ebaieyong samuel ebaieyong says:

    whaoooo!!!!!!!! this great

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