CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Douala – Cameroon


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55 Responses

  1. Belvanie says:

    Good evening sir or madame i wish to know w how much does flight assistance ( hostess) cost please the price

  2. Alvine Bruna Sidiki says:

    Je suis alvine Bruna.
    J’aimerais avoir les informations relatives à la formation d’hôtesse de l’air.

  3. Candy Ekoli Luma says:

    Good day Sir/Madam.I am a Degree Holder of The University Of Buea,Faculty Of Arts and under the Department Of History and I intend to take up Flight attendance courses please may I know how much it’ll cost and the required documents for enrollment?

  4. Zemfack kemkoue Megane line-Ford says:

    I am a GCE Advanced holder and I will to know the tuition fees for being an airline pilot and also how to acquire a scholarship

  5. Nkwelle Faith mesode says:

    Hi am a lowersixth student and I want to be a flight attendant when is the training starting and how much is it


    Where r you situation in Douala n what r the different fee for the different programs u offer?

    • Ashu ojong Larissa la princesse says:

      Hi good afternoon sir am called Ashu princess and I will like to study in this institution am a student of iuget bonaberi studying logistics and transport management. I will like to be a steward.So I wish to know where the skul is situated in douala, how long is the training and how much is the fee and registration thanks sir.

  7. Elumpe Chantal ndioh says:

    Hello sir good afternoon, it has always been my dream/goal to become an air hostess, please I would like to study in your academy so as to make this dream come true, thank so much as I wait on your honest reply

    • Doh Jennifer Nah says:

      Hello I am a student in the university of Buea studying English law and I will like to know more about this school. How I can pay the admission fee and start training

  8. Fonyuy Ghislain says:

    Please for the school fee of oxfort aviation douala

  9. MAIMO GIULLES says:


  10. ISMAELA MOUSA says:

    Hello sir, please I wish to study in this institution,what are the requirements?

  11. Tifuh Bronhilda Gwah says:

    Hello sir/madam i wish to study in your school please may i know the requirements, procedures,the fee and the length of training to become a flight attendant i am an advance level holder

  12. Gideon johnny says:

    Please i will like to know the fees .Nd get admission

  13. Mbwane Amin says:

    I am called Mbwane Amin and I wish to be admitted in Aviation academy to study piloting and Pleas I wish to know the fees, requirements for this to be possible. While waiting for your favorable reply accept sir, my solutions.

  14. Émilie kepgang says:

    Hello my name is Émilie kepgang , please where are you situated in Douala ?

  15. Linda sama says:

    Good evening sir/madam
    I am a Holder of advance level certificate, I would like to know how to go about being a flight attendant,the tuition fees and length of studies and how to go about admission

  16. Aji blessing mum says:

    I will be glad to know thé requirements of training

  17. Joyce says:

    Hey. Am a year one student in IUG-Douala. Am studying transport and logistics management and will like to be a flight attendant so please how much is the training and for how long ? Thanks.

  18. Ntonifor blessing says:

    Hello,my name is Ntonifor Blessing,am an Advanced level holder and presently studying nursing in the university of Buea but I will love to study and become a flight nurse,please what do I need to do in order to achieve this.

  19. Marolin Ngum says:

    Greetings from Marolin Ngum, I am a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Literatures in English from the University of Buea. Dear Sir/Madam , I am so obsessed with being a flight attendant. I wish to be enlightened about the fee,length of time to be trained as one , and the requirements. Thanks for listening to me.

  20. Ebong ebude says:

    Good day sir my names are ebong ebude I’m so passionate about avaition and expecially flight dispatching and will be great full if someone in this forum help me with the basic information and necessities required to take avaition

  21. Nyonge Belinda epie says:

    Am nyonge Belinda much does it cost to be trained as a flight attendant in ur institution?am a holder of higher national diploma in business management

  22. Kuokuo Sharon says:

    Good evening sir. I’m called Kuokuo Sharon. Residing in the North West Region. Please I will like to know about the requirements and the fees to this great school.

  23. mervin says:

    bonjour je souhaite intégré votre ecole pour suivre un phormation de PNC je suis actuellement au GABON j’ai 24 ans et un bac +2 en gestion administrative et commerciale. j’aimerai avoir toute les information necessaire pour postuler dans votre ecole.

  24. Ajang Stephanie Dione says:

    Hello sir/ madam,I am interested to study in ur school, what are the requirements and procedure, the fee and the length of training to be a flight attendant, I’m a holder of a bachelors degree in history Arts from the university of buea

  25. Jadida Pracious Bessem Njang says:

    Good day, I would love to know the requirements and fees for the training of flight attendant

  26. Gwankem Brown Hilda Penkwang says:

    Good one

  27. Bonam Eyobo blessing says:

    My name is bonam blessings Eyobo I want to be train to become a flight attendant how much is the fee I’m just done with advance level I want to be train in your school

  28. vidzemvidzefenyuy mechethel says:

    Dear sir/madame
    Am a HAD holder in tourism,travel and operation management. I want to enrol in this academy. What do I need

  29. Tchounkeu says:

    Je suis Cameroun je suis a la recherche d un travail je suis titulaire d un cap EE fin d étude 1F3 pour c est un raison en fonctions a total Cameroun

  30. Ngang Cletus says:

    Hi, I’m yet to obtain my A-level in a few months. I’m so passionate about aviation and especially flight dispatching and piloting. I’ll be grate if someone in this forum helps me with the basic information and necessities required to take on a course aviation

  31. Sirri afanwi laura says:

    Good afternoon mdme, sir pls am an advance levels holder and am interested in the flight attendants course pls send me the requirements and fees. Thank you

  32. Tayong Serratu says:

    Good evening Sir/Madam, i am interested in this program and wish to know its cost. Thank you

  33. Elizabeth Lisinge says:

    Hello sir/Madame would love to know about the fees and when I can start full training

  34. Elizabeth Lisinge says:

    Hello please I would like to know about the fees for the flight attendant school and where it is situated currently want to pay n know when I can start with the training

  35. BRANDON says:


  36. Yila Roy says:

    Hi, I’m a GCE Advanced level holder. would love to know the tuition fees for ATPL training and the minimum academic requirement and also how I can apply for the Training.

  37. Onana Ndzié Joram says:

    Good morning,I am a GCE A-level holder and I need to know if I can be a professional pilot through your academy and the costs of training.please Email me please

  38. Lumière biho Françoise says:

    Good evening Sir/Madame , i’m an Advanced level holder and i will like to know all the procedure and costs of training as an air hostess please through my email please

  39. Ndemebau Breech says:

    Good afternoon sir,I am called Ndemebau Breech from limbe Cameroon and I wish to be an air hostess please I want you to enlighten me on how to do,thanks and please waiting for a reply

  40. Becky mojoko mbela says:

    Hello good evening to you sir/madame. Am a graduate from the University of Buea. I studied political science and public administration under the faculty of social and management sciences. But my desire is to be a flight attendant. I will like to know the procedure to enroll, and everything concerning your Aviation academy. Thank you and I am looking forward to your response.

  41. Sentis tenguh says:

    Pls sir/madam I’m interested and wish to know the requirement needed for entry, the fees an the length of training. To be a flight attendance I’m an advanced level holder


    J’aimerais recevoir par mon email toutes les offres d’emploi disponibles.

  43. Adriel Koum says:

    That’s a dream.

  44. Adriel Koum says:

    I will be very happy if you can contact me for details thanks.

  45. ashley says:

    Pls I am interested how can I apply and how long does it take to be trained, am an advanced level holder,how is the fees too

  46. Pelagie Ngie Ful says:

    I wish to ask how i can apply to train as an airhotess.

  47. Tamuton Mistynora says:

    How do i apply for this training

  48. Rhoda Akale says:

    please i am really very intrested in being a flight attendant and i so wish to find out the cost of training and entry requirements into your prestigious institution

  49. Bongas says:

    Interesting service for everyone intending to air hostess
    , pennsy .cm

    • Blandine TCHANYAP says:

      I am really eager to work as air hostress

  50. caroline says:

    BSr.Suis caroline.Jai besoin d’un numero de telephone pour vous contacter car jaimerai savoir la procedure a suivre pour une formation dhotesse de l’air.Merci

  51. birshu sidonie says:

    I love this and will be glad to be Attend it

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