Concours Health personel Cameroon 2017-2018: MINSANTE Examination into public and private Health Institutions.

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  • 33 Responses

    1. EYONG PEARLSON says:

      Please what are the criteria for the registration of the concours and when do the registration takes place please???

    2. ntoh lewis says:

      Good morning or afternoon Sir/Madam respectively to the time my words reaches you. Actually i heard from one of friend they launch state nursing in Cameroon and wish to inquire for the circular. please Sir/Madam. Thank you for your concerns God bless. take care and have a nice day

    3. kum julius mbuh says:

      Please when will the registration start.

    4. Banin Julliet says:

      I am banin Julliet wish to ask where the recruitment exams to public service for nurse will be written in yaounde

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