Concours Health personel Cameroon 2020-2021: MINSANTE Examination into public and private Health Institutions.


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  1. Valentina says:

    Good evening sir.
    Please I wish to inquire about state registered opthalmology in Cameroon.

  2. Mbohnkang prosper puh says:

    Good morning sir, please I to know when the state register nursing concourse with be written and the requirements that are needed . Thanks

  3. Tambe marielouis says:

    Good morning sir,I wish to know when the concourse for laboratory science will be published

  4. Mbei Che Claudia says:

    Greetings sir/madam please i wish to find out if registration for concours have started i wish to go in for medical lab technician

  5. Greetings sir,pls I will like to know when d state Registered Nursing concour will be launched for 2020-2021,d requirements and closing date for submission of files.

  6. Ndum Yvette Ashu says:

    Good day sir/madam please I wish know the requirements needed for a state register nurse concur

  7. Njuacha Linda says:

    Please I will like to be informed when the state Registered Nursing concour will be launched for 2020-2021

  8. Nkeng Sam Nkambeng says:

    Good day sir,please I wish to inquire how to integrate into the public service as a nurse with a Bachelor Degree and become a registered nurse in Cameroon.Hoping to read from you soon.Thanks

  9. Ngufack pamela says:

    Good afternoon sir/madam please I wish to knw when the state registered nurse concour will be launch

  10. AKUMO JELIMA says:

    Greetings sir pls I wish to know when the state registered nursing concour will be written and the requirements needed for the concour

    • Destipelma obi says:

      Good morning… please I would like to know the requirements needed for state registered nurses and when it will be written

  11. Guysih Clifford NANJI says:

    Notify me when state registered nursing entrance concours for 2020/2021 academic year has been launched

  12. Chia Antionette bih says:

    Please for my results state registered nurses competitive entrance exams

  13. Robert says:

    I wish to see the results

  14. Nshom Riser Ndosak says:

    Please I need the list for the registered members for MINSANTE 2019/2020

  15. AJI FLAVINE says:

    Good evening sir please can I know what is required for the assistant health laboratory technician and what is required for them

  16. Tonga Brenda says:

    Please when will the state registered nurse concours be launched again and what are the requirements, must you have biology?

  17. mbah mbah says:

    Good evening Sir. I wish to know when the concour for state register nurse will be launch and the requirement.

  18. Khan megha synthia says:

    Good morning sir please i which to find out about the requirements needed to register for the concour.

  19. Tabe Stephany Ngoumenje says:

    Good day sir please I wish to know the last date the registration in to the state registered nurse will and I also the required document

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