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Concours PWTC / CMTP of Garoua NASPW 2019-2020 ENSTP: Assistant Technicians

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Concours PWTC / CMTP of Garoua NASPW 2019-2020 ENSTP .

Concours CMTP de Garoua de ENSTP 2019-2020: des Adjoints Techniques Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Travaux Publics

No 201 C/MINTP /SG/ENSTP/SC  12 february 2019

Concours PWTC / CMTP of Garoua NASPW 2019-2020 ENSTP : Assistant Technicians.


The Minister for Public Works informs the general public that the 2019 Competitive Entrance Examination with selection after study of records for training into the Public Works Trades Center (PWTC) of Garoua of the National Advanced School of Public Works (NASPW) has been launched in the cycle of Assistant Technicians as follows : kamerpower.com

  • Organisation of Road Works (50 places).
  • Maintenance of drainage components (50 places).
  • Road maintenance by the High Intensive Labour Method (50 places).
  • Bricklaying (50 places.)
  • Plumbing (50 places).

The competitive entrance examination is open to holders of Certificat d’Etudes Primaires (CEP) or First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) or any other recognized equivalent certificate aged not less than seventeen (17) years on 1st January 2019.

Required documents

The closing date for handing in complete documents is 15 March 2019. They should be submitted at any of the following centres :

  • NASPW Yaounde or NASPW Buea Annex.
  • Public Works Trades Center (PWTC) Garoua or Public Works Trades Center (PWTC) Akonolinga.
  • Regional Delegations of Public Works.

Concours PWTC / CMTP of Garoua NASPW 2019-2020

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