ENSTP Buea 2023-2024 concours year 1: NASPW Public works annex Buea


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26 Responses

  1. Mbong Simon says:

    Please sir when will the concour been launched because I really want to go in for it.

  2. Macmillan says:

    Sir please when will the results be out?

  3. Jude nkeh says:

    Please sir wish to know when it will be launch

  4. Tang Joel says:

    Sir pls I want to write the concou for this hear when will it be launched

  5. Ebot philimon says:

    Pls sir when will the results of public works be out??

  6. Ojong Ashu says:

    Pls sir when will the public works results be out?

  7. Ousman Abubakar Siddiki Nfor says:

    Pls when will the results of be out ?

  8. Ousman Abubakar Siddiki Nfor says:

    Pls when will the results of be out

  9. 680739615 says:

    Greetings Sir. I am Ewule Boris Mokwa wishing to be a student in your school. Please I wish to to have your prospectus for me to use it make an authorisation from my Ministry. Thanks

  10. Epie Beline says:

    Greetings sir/ madam.
    Please when will the results for assistant labour and social insurance and clerical officers be out?

  11. Tambi Stephen Nanje says:

    What are the subjects involved in the concours questions

  12. Okole verine says:

    Please when will the concour for public be launched?

  13. Okole verine says:

    When will they launch the concour for public works sir

  14. Okole verine says:

    When will they launch the concour for public works?

  15. Tchoffo Lucas says:

    When will they launch the concours for public works

  16. Brandonazah says:

    Well it depends on what u are going into do and your level of certificate.
    U need and advance level for htc( higher technical cycle.
    You can also use your ordinary level certificate but that can only be used in Btc( basic technical cycle.
    There’s also OTC.
    If you have and Alevel certificate with chemistry and physics you can write for htc . Contact me for more information +237678122174

    • Matho Merveille says:

      Is it possible that an arts with georaphy writes the concour

  17. 678558260 says:

    hi sir i wish to know when the result
    for public works buea will be out

  18. Fkingsly says:

    pls is it possible for one to enroll without a science subject?

  19. Brice says:

    Salut .svp monsieur je souhaite avoir des anciens épreuves du concours enstp annexe de buea. Merci avance

  20. samuel says:

    Pls I which to the result of NASPW buea

  21. Tarola says:

    Dear sir, please I wish to ask the date when the result of NASPW competitive entrance examination of 2016/2017.

  22. Tarola says:

    when is NASPW entrance results will release?

  23. Mbeneya Clauvis Abiawu says:

    Good day sir i which to know more about the entrine requirement;;

  24. Randy Bong says:


    sir i will wish to know th requirements


  25. sang glen says:

    hi sir I wish to know the require document

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