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ENAM 2019-2020 Syllabus Cycle A of the Financial Division Concours MINFOPRA Cameroun


1) -Statistics

+ Permutations and combinations
+ Basic rules of probabilities
+ Random variable with single unknown
+ Random variable with two unknowns.
+ Random function variable

  • Central tendency variable
  • Uniform dispersion characteristics
  • Mathematics expression advantage
  • Correlation and dispersion characteristics.

+ Current laws in statistics

  • Law of uniform dispersion
  • Binomial theory
  • Poisson’s law
  • Normal distribution
  • Chi square law.

+ Sample

  • sampling distribution
  • Observation of a sample 
    • Random samples
    • Empirical samples

+ Estimate.

  • Point estimate
  • Estimate by the confidence interval (average, frequency).

+ Test theory

  • Choice between two parameters
    • Choice between two proportions
    • Choice between two averages 
  • Comparison of distribution.
    • Qualitative characteristics
    • Quantitative characteristics

2) -Econoutetrics

+ Simple linear regression model

  • Layout of the model
  • Model estimation using the ordinary least squares (OLS).
  • Properties of OLS estimators
  • Construction of tests
  • Variance equation and variance analysis table
  • forecasting in a simple linear regression model.

+ Multiple linear regression model

  • Presentation and matrix format of a model
  • Estimation and properties of OLS.
  • Determination coefficient
  • Statistical tests

+ Construction of the variance analysis table and global significance of a regression test

  • Forecasting in a multiple linear regression model.

+ Autocorrelation of the error term

  • Presentation of the problem
  • Causes and detection test of the autocorrelation of the error terms.
  • Generalised least squares (GLS) estimator.
  • Estimation prooedure in the presence of autocorrelation of the error terms.

+ Heteroscedasticity

  • Presentation of the problem.
  • Causes and tests to detect heteroscedasticity.
  • Estimation procedures in the presence of heteroscedasticity.

+ Multicolinearity

  • Presentation of the problem
  • Consequences of multicolinearity
  • detection test of multicolinearity.
  • How to find a remedy for multicolinearity.


An interview with a jury aimed at detecting the personality of the candidate and his/her predisposition to serve the State and the citizen.


An interview with a jury, in French for English speaking candidates and in English for French speaking candidates.

ENAM Cameroon past questions

(14 April 2015 )

ENAM 2019-2020 Syllabus Cycle A of the Financial Division recruitment MINFOPRA Cameroun 14 April 2015.

Version Français (French)

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