HTTC – ENS Bambili Entrance 2023-2024 Online Registration procedure – process


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71 Responses

  1. k. Julius says:

    Great to have this information. I have not seen the subjects advertised this year. can someone help me?

  2. Guedjeo Samuel says:

    Bonjour, le lien d’inscription ne s’ouvre pas pourquoi ?

  3. Fai Laura says:

    Can someone get into second cycle ens with a degree certificate but awaiting??

  4. Etube Godbless Akame says:

    When is the lastest date for registering into end bambili

  5. Leonard Ndi Nganta says:

    Greetings sir, why is the link not opening

  6. Jessica says:

    How long does it take to receive the SMS with the link to you receipt if you pay via Momo

  7. VUYOF WILFRED says:


  8. Fonyuy serdric Ahseni says:

    Please if one want to go in for the ICT department? What are the requirements academically

  9. Okwen Louis Tenjoh says:

    the website given above is not accessible please

  10. Ngeh Gildas Nambuh says:

    I want to write the entrance exam into ENS with history as major and I am an A3 students what are my minor obligations

    • Ngu Claude says:

      The website is not reachable, please check and fix this problem. Thank you.

  11. Abella Princey says:

    Please what are the requirements for ENS second cycle biology?
    Does it have any minore?
    Has Ens been launched for this year?

  12. Andon Dilys lum says:


  13. Raphael says:

    Please I wish to know when ENS BAMBILI 2020/2021 entrance exam will be launched

  14. Mbabou Vanessa says:

    Are we going to Write the concours this year ? If Not …i wish to do it next Year…i do Not understand the Concept…i am a holder of A/Level..and i wish to study either in History or Literature…Thank you

  15. Mbabou Vanessa says:

    Please…i am a owner of a Teacher Training certificate(CAPIEMP)…i am 22years old…i Wish to know if, it is possible for me to be a candidate…Thank you.

  16. affordable cabin rentals says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >HTTC –
    ENS Bambili Entrance 2019-2020 Online Registration procedure – process <Loved it!

  17. Binde Cletus Geh says:

    When is the written phase of the entrance examination to take place and when is the list of candidates to be published?

  18. Elat Efong Kevin says:

    Bonsoir s’il vous plaît la date de composition de l’ENSET BAMILI 1er cycle est renvoyé pour quand . Merci !!!

  19. Cheh Franklin says:

    Please can I have past questions in biology ens bambili.

  20. Ndong Gisela fueh says:

    A worry. I wish to Chanel this worry some of us, I in particular had an Advanced level in 2016. I did the new syllabus containing Across the mongolo, the way of the world, but I’ve discovered that questions in literature are being taken only on the old syllabus of no way to die, Anthony and Cleopatra. Its really an issue for some of us. I wish the exams could have three sections. 1 with general questions on English for all, 2 those who did the new syllabus and 3 for those who did the new syllabus. Thank you

  21. Mosoko Cecilia says:

    good day. please how can one hav access to the ENS form online

  22. MUNGWA Rudolf says:

    How does one apply to do private ENS in economics as major subject?

  23. Lesly yong says:

    Please for past qoutions on maths

  24. Basembaka Samuel Diyaniyi says:

    For all who have been demanding for the launching date of the 2019/2020 ENS Bambili, i wish to inform you that it was yesterday the 11/07/2019 launched. thanks, i care.

  25. Nkematabong Anastersia says:

    Please I wish to know when the ENS competitive exams will be launched

  26. Basembaka Samuel Diyaniyi says:

    Good morning. Please when will ENS Bambili 2019/2020 be launched? I wish to go in for the competitive exam. Thanks

  27. Sandrine says:

    Please for past questions in to the first cycle of ENS Bambili for geography major and History minor for 2018/2019.

  28. Sandrine Banenyuy says:

    Please I need past questions for geography major and History minor for 2018/2019. Thanks

  29. siewe frank says:

    Good morning please will the write the concou of this year?

  30. Ngarwer Basil Nformi says:

    Pls I wish to know when the result of end bambili 2018/2019 would be out.

  31. epie says:

    pls i dont know how to register online

  32. Alex says:

    please can I have past question in géology (year 2017/2018)?

  33. Kelly says:

    Pls for past qtns 4 ENS bambili in english modern letters

  34. Mukong Dianna says:

    Please what are the registration requirements


    please i wish to know my result

  36. Kongnyuy says:

    Are results for the 2016 entrance out?

  37. nsom oniel suh says:

    When will ens bambili results 2016 be out pls

  38. Tasah Emmanuel says:

    please what of the nature of the examination?
    would it be essay type or MCQs?
    if it depends on the department, then i seek for the major: guidance and counseling; minor: psychology.
    thank you.

  39. Armstrong says:

    Latest date for online registration is Tuesday august 30.
    Why is the website closed already
    Been trying to access it.pls help

  40. fred says:

    its unfortunate that i cant accessed the application form to register. is it closed.if yes what about the extension date on the internet.

  41. eric says:

    This website is not working. You people need to do a lot. It is a mess for a University like this one.

  42. djomo patrick says:

    please when i take the online link foe ENS registration it dosen”t go. can u help me go about it

  43. djomo patrick says:

    how can i get registered online?

  44. Njikam mustapha says:

    please can i use my widows cell phone to do the online registration for ENS?

  45. Rose says:

    its not working

  46. ekekmbe sabastine says:

    please when i take the online link foe ENS registration it dosen”t go. can u help me go about it

  47. Abmaminkem gloria juana sofi says:


  48. mbasseune says:

    i wish to register

  49. zangue goufack says:


  50. Lawrence Ekwebe says:

    Very good and interesting for Cameroonians goodluck everyone.

  51. arthur says:


  52. pls update me about it

  53. where can i get pass questions for the entrance exam

  54. Jordan says:

    Please i wish to know the deposit centre of registrations files for the H.T.T.C I’m in bertoua

  55. launching of ens bambili 20116-2017

  56. Njila Cyndy says:

    pls results for ens bambili 2015-2016 first cycle

  57. Emerencia Ako says:

    hey greetings pleasw when will ENS Bambili 2nd cycle be out ?

  58. helima says:

    pls i forgot to enter some papers i got in the ordinary level. will i be penalized for it.

  59. Fonlon Romaric says:

    HOW DO I MODIFY REGISTRATION FORM. I have made an error on it and need to change some information

  60. Abisiri faith says:

    When is the date line for registration?

  61. nkemajah roshinus says:

    i wish to download my registration form

    • Kamerpower says:

      Hello Roshinus! Follow the steps above from 1 – 10 which says

      “Download and print your Registration Form by clicking the Download button. (NB: Make sure you copy your Form Number somewhere in order to download another one in case you lose the current one).”

  62. john bosco dindzee says:

    when is registration closing?

  63. DESMOND says:


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