HTTC – ENS Bambili Entrance 2016-2017 Online Registration procedure – process

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  • 34 Responses


      please i wish to know my result

    2. Kongnyuy says:

      Are results for the 2016 entrance out?

    3. nsom oniel suh says:

      When will ens bambili results 2016 be out pls

    4. Tasah Emmanuel says:

      please what of the nature of the examination?
      would it be essay type or MCQs?
      if it depends on the department, then i seek for the major: guidance and counseling; minor: psychology.
      thank you.

    5. Armstrong says:

      Latest date for online registration is Tuesday august 30.
      Why is the website closed already
      Been trying to access it.pls help

    6. fred says:

      its unfortunate that i cant accessed the application form to register. is it closed.if yes what about the extension date on the internet.

    7. eric says:

      This website is not working. You people need to do a lot. It is a mess for a University like this one.

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