HTTC ENS Bambili Entrance 2020-2021 year one First Cycle Higher Teacher Training College Bambili University of Bamenda Concours MINESUP


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  1. Kengne Kakabi Mikael Bertrand says:

    Please may i have the Office registrar email address of HTTC. I badly need an electronic copy of my transcript. It is Urgent please.

  2. Pelote Divine Apongpoh says:

    Please i would like to have past questions in English modern letters and history. Its urgent please

  3. Loudric foncham kumateh says:

    Please how do I get past questions on English modern letters?

  4. Ali Zeinatou says:

    Please I will like to have past questions on English modern letters. thanks

  5. Efang Thomas M says:

    Please may I have past ens questions in Geography and History ?

  6. Efang Thomas Mben says:

    Please may I have past ens questions in geography for year one?

  7. Nfon Anizette Seka says:

    Please i need past questions in modern letters.

  8. Tabah indah ruby says:

    Please I’m in need of past questions end BAMBILI department of modern letters

  9. Tabah indah ruby says:

    Please can I have past questions for ENS BAMBILI department of modern lettres.

  10. Nfon Anizette Seka says:

    please can i have past questions for ens bambili first cylce literature

  11. Nfon Anizette Seka says:

    good morning please can i have past question for modern letters first cycle?

  12. Nguetsa Anais says:

    Hello, I would like to know what the required documents to register at bambili are. I’ve passed the entrance exam but do not know how to proceed.

  13. CHARLES says:


  14. Woulatili Gerald Dap says:

    please I need someone to tell me if you wants economics as your major, what are the minor you’re oblige to do?
    Gceo/level passed in:
    economics, geography, history, commerce, literature and biology
    Hoe a/level passed in:
    history, economics, and geography

  15. satchou kengfack laurice says:

    please i need pass questions on counselling ens concours

  16. Nji edrice says:

    Please can I have some pass questions for history paper 1 and 3

  17. Ndonde shandel says:

    Please l need history past questions for the concour

  18. formanji amaanwi says:

    plaeze I want past questions for chemistry major and biology minor

  19. formanji amaanwi says:

    please can I have past queations for chemistory

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