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HTTTC ENSET Bambili Entrance 2019-2020 Year One First Cycle University of Bamenda Concours

Article 4:

The application files shall comprise the following documents:

    1. A registration form to be collected from H.T.T.T.C ENSET Bambili, the Regional Delegations of the Ministry of Secondary Education, Government Technical High Schools of Cameroon, the website of MINESUP, and the website of the University of Bamenda or;
    2. A certified true photocopy of thebirth certificate dated not more than six (6) months. 
    1. Transcripts of Probatoire or GCE O/L and Baccalauréat or GCE A/L signed or certified by the competent academic authorities;
    1. A certified photocopy of Baccalauréat or GCE A/L or equivalent diploma dated not more than six (6) months. Candidates preparing the Baccalauréat or GCE A.L for 2015 session shall present their diploma in due time.
    2. A certificate of non-conviction dated not more than three months;
    3. A receipt upon payment of twenty thousand (20,000) CFA as registration fee delivered by Express Exchange SA. No other form of payment shall be accepted. 
    4. One self-addressed large envelope bearing postal stamps in conformity with the regulations in force. 
    5. Two passport-size photographs.  
  1. An authorisation to sit for the examination issued by the Minister of Basic Education, the Minister of Secondary Education, the Minister of Higher Education for candidates working in those Ministries, or the Minister of Public Service for other civil servants.

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