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1 Response

  1. khadar mohamoud says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I am writing to you as a somalian student in Sudan so I need to help me for schoolarship . Scholarships for indonsia language .
    Surelly I am different any other person who is refugee becuase I don’t have any person to assist me.
    so, I contact you to help me.
    I have 2 masraters politcal sence and education(curriculum and the teaching methods.
    I humbly request you and your goverment for Schoolarship
    because it’s the only country that spearhead human right and aid the handcapped class in the societies. In Somalia.
    I promise to obey the rules and regulations of your country as well as your culture.
    I hope you will consider my request positivelly.
    you’re faithfully
    khadar mohamud wardere
    Madani St, Khartoum 12223.Sudan

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