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National Comprehensive Clinical and Therapeutic Exam Cameroon 2019-2020 medical training

National Comprehensive Clinical and Therapeutic Exam Cameroon.


National Comprehensive Clinical and Therapeutic Exam Cameroon 2019-2020 medical training.

ORDER N° 19/00520 /MINESUP/SG/CNFMP/na OF 07 June 2019.

To lay down general conditions for the organization of the National Comprehensive Clinical and Therapeutic examination for medical training in Cameroon for the academic year 2019/2020.

Mindful of

The Constitution.
Law No.2001/005 of 16 April 2001 on the orientation of Higher Education.
Law No. 2007/006 of 26 December 2007 to determine the financial regime of the State.
Decree No. 73/796 of 20 December 1973 to reorganise the University Center For Health Sciences. 
Decree No. 92/074 of 13 April 1992 to transform the University Centres of Buea and Ngaoundere into Universities.
Decree No. 93/026 of 19 January 1993 to create Universities.
Decree No. 93/027 of 19 January 1993 to lay down general regulations applicable to Universities as amended and supplemented by Decree N°2005/342 of 10 September 2005.
Decree No. 2001/832/PM of 19 September 2001 to lay down general regulations applicable to private institutions of higher Education.
Decree No. 2010/971 of 14 December 2010 to create a State University in Bamenda.
Decree No. 2011/408 of 9 December 2011 to organise the Government.
Decree No. 2011/410 of 9 December 2011 to appoint members of Government.
Decree No.2012/433 of 1 October 2012 to organise the Ministry of Higher Education.
Decree No. 2013/093 of 3 April 2013 to organise the Ministry of Public Health.  
Decree No. 2013/ 159 of 15 May 2013 to determine the special regime for the administrative control of public finances. 
Order No. 055/PM of 10 June 2013 on the creation, organisation and functioning of the National Commission for medical and pharmaceutical training in Cameroon.
Press release No. 18/00011/ MINESUP/DAUQ/na of 25 May 2018 issued at the end of deliberations of the 6th session of the National Commission for Medical, Pharmaceutical and Odonto-stomatological Training in Cameroon.


Article 1.

    1. A National Comprehensive Clinical and Therapeutic Examination to validate the first six (6) years in of medical, pharmaceutical and odonto-stomatological training in State faculties and authorized private institutions of Higher Education is hereby launched for the academic year 2019/2020, for these subject fields.
  1. Papers for the above mentioned national examination shall take place on Friday, 06th September 2019.

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