2022-2023 Concours IMIP of Maroua: FMIP 3rd year Masters in Engineering degree


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13 Responses

  1. Manoel fokum says:

    Pls wen.are the.writing the 2018/19 entrance

  2. pokam tchawa says:

    friends i need your help

  3. nkome nina says:

    I am impressed with the information so far

  4. divine says:


  5. Asanji Ninho-brown Enyi says:

    Please any past questions on IMIP Maroua?

  6. utia brian says:

    i the school is it thought in both languagea

  7. desmond says:

    plz any past questions on imip maroua

  8. Steve tih says:

    Dis is for de 2014 sessoin is it same for de 2015 session

    • Kamerpower says:

      Hello Steve! This is for the 2014/2015 session which has already passed. The concours was already written and the results where out some couple of months back.

  9. enohwilson says:

    Hello please give precise information on the written part of the examination.

  10. eta evadine bate says:

    good day to you i was wandering if there are any age restrictions or perhaps maybe some preparatory classes offered to enable students who have problems with certain subjects. also if there are any subject limitations thank you

    • Kamerpower says:

      Hello Evadine, we are working on a system for that will make things simple for you. and we will also be there to solve your Educational problems. Thanks

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