Government Teacher Training College (G.T.T.C.) Entrance Cameroon ENIEG 2022-2023


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14 Responses

  1. Misodi Bertha Maloba says:

    Am 33 this may 22/2022 am I still eligible for the GTTC Entrance examination?

  2. Berinyuy Adele says:

    Please when will the entrance exams be written?


    Greetings 🙏🙏 want to register with awaited result of A/level. which certificate should I present? I have just ordinary level with 6subjets, I want to do a one year Course…..and when is the concour going to be launched?

  4. Senge marie-claire says:

    I am interested in taking the 3 years course.when will it be launched this year?

  5. Ennih Anoela Fon says:

    When is it launched and what is the last date??

  6. Ngong innocent says:

    Please can we get the required documents in english.Then what should I present as certificate since I want to register with awaited results of Alevel

  7. Finya Jupita says:

    When is the limited date for the deposition of document and what are other documents needed to complete the file?

  8. Carrie Ejang Egota says:

    Please can I know more about these teachers training colleges

  9. Munakwa Hannah says:

    When will they launched concours into teachers training and where will it be written

  10. Cherifatou mouhammed says:

    Please when will the concoirs be lauched this year and where will it be written

  11. Onyia Eunice says:

    Interested entring a teaching school in Cameroon..

  12. Nericia kerry says:

    Please when will it be launched this year?

  13. Eyome Sharima says:

    When will it be launched this year?

  14. Matto Touoyem Makuete says:

    I am I interested .I will like to go in for the one year course

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