University of Bamenda: Admission procedure New Faculties UBa Bamenda 2023-2024


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    I wish to see the requirements of HTTTC Bamenda. Communique launching Private HTTTC Bamenda

  2. Gloria Daniella says:

    Please can’t deposit my complete files for admission before Friday 14th because i can’t have access to school this week

  3. Ngatop Lanje Ivo says:

    Can some do nursing in the university of Bamenda in the faculty without an entrance examination?

  4. Awambeng sherene says:

    Good day sir, please I wish to inquire how much the fees will be if I want to have degree in management under fearms with an hnd certificate

  5. Ashley Achikeki says:

    Good night sir, pls i Wish to know when they’ll be writing the proficiency test for O/L english and also how much it will cost. Thanks

  6. TEGWI BENICE says:

    Wish to find out if I can become a professional nurse after studying in your institution.

  7. Kinang Collins says:

    Hello, I had my Bsc in management at UBa and will like to further with master but don’t have any information on registration yet

  8. Wabo kamga Michel lagloire says:

    What are the necessities for at mission into the university of Bamenda (mbambili). First Year management

  9. adamu Mohammed maidawa says:

    I need more information about masters in hematology and transfusion science sir and the tuition fee

  10. Kongnyuy Lainjo Remy-Hans says:

    Good afternoon, I wish to know if I can be admitted into the faculty of economics and management science without a pass in mathematics in probatoire but have a pass in mathematics in CAP and Baccalaureate?
    I really need help on this one

  11. Kongnyuy Lainjo Remy-Hans says:

    Hello, I wish to apply admissions into the faculty of economics and management science, but I didn’t have a pass in mathematics in probatoire, but passed maths in CAP and Baccalaureate. Please can I be admitted??

  12. nzwobed wanda marius says:

    greetings sir,please i wish to know more on the how to enroll for the one year degree program into the faculty of health of the university of bamenda

  13. Ashu nelson tanyi says:

    Greetings, I just want ask if a student can gain admission into the university with advanced level English language..plzz I really need to know

  14. Tsadi emmanuel says:

    I want to enroll for Medical laboratory science how can I get the details for admission

  15. Nessa Mbatu says:

    Hello….good day sir|madam.please has the masters program in heakth economics and policy been launched for the 2018|2019 academic year??

  16. Karana yufi says:

    Hello.can one be admitted into the faculty of economics and management sciences without o/l mathematics?

  17. KP says:

    If you need help with getting admitted into any university
    Contact 657198007

  18. Peter says:

    Good day i wished to apply for medicine and surgery, but can i be enrolled with D7 in english, biology, chemistry and F9 in physics, would that be possible?

  19. Peter says:

    Good day i wished for medicine and surgery, but can be enrolled with D7 in english,D7 in biology, D7 in chemistry, would that be possible?

  20. Godfred Ajah says:

    Good day,
    I ones read in a fly out that UBa offers custom duties. that’s they train students to be custom officers. please I wish to know the requirements and it’s faculty.

  21. kouemeni nzesse stephane says:

    good morning please i want to enroll in the university of bamenda i want to do public health . what are the requirements

  22. Arnold Joel says:

    Good day just wish to ask this question , can be admitted in the university of Bamenda without English? If yes what are the procedure to follow?

  23. kimbeng Lackshmi Enjoh says:

    Pls I have obtained HND in accountancy from HIMS buea and I wish to obtain my degree in UBa but I didn’t have o’level maths can I be admitted? If yes what are the requirements

  24. asanga Daniel says:

    Please i am an undergraduate with the probatiore in auto mobile maintenance is there any place for me in the school

  25. ngwembam Charlotte says:

    hi please has master program been lunch, if yes please for the requirements

  26. simon says:

    hi please I wish to inquire if a holder of the GCE o/A levels and have English language at the O-level and mathematics at both the o/A-levels but have just 4 papers at the ordinary levels and wish to study economic under the department of economic and management sciences.

  27. Deco says:

    pls i wish to ask if those who applied last acedemic year and are havx a matricule but never came back to school after the crisis are we suppose to apply again this acedemic year?

  28. cyril says:

    hey just want to ask this question,can a student enroll in the University of Bamenda without English, if what are the procedure to follow

  29. Baika ernest Nshom says:

    Good day , please i wish to know the various programs launched for masters this coming academic year (2017/2018)

  30. Abraham says:

    Please am in Nigeria I don’t know how to apply please can some body help me out this my number +234’08134321642 Abraham Jumbo.

  31. Abraham says:

    Please am a Nigeria I want to apply please can some body help me I don’t know how to start
    Please this is my number +234,08134321642 please I need some once help God bless you

  32. Milda Indah Tayim says:

    Please i wish to find out if master program has been launch in the faculty of social and mangament studies.

  33. Bordrain says:

    Masters in physics

  34. atem yvonne ntui says:

    please i wish to fined out if masters has been launch in the faculty of education .

  35. Roshing-roland says:

    hi i wish to find out the PhD Programes u offer in the school of education

  36. wilfried says:

    pls i wish to know if master program has been launched under the faculty of economics management science

  37. Bime Primos says:

    please I wish to find out if the admission list for HICM UBa has been published?

  38. Fonyuy says:

    Please i wish to find out if masters in Agriculture is already going on in Uba, and which courses are available.

  39. kaycee says:

    pls must one submit photocopy of o/l result to be admitted

  40. john says:

    Must one hv maths to enroll in UBa afta a yr spent in anoda univ

  41. patrick says:

    please which to know the business masters program a viable this academic in your institution.

  42. richard john says:

    can nabteb O/L be used to apply? Nigerian

  43. Queen Moses says:

    Please I have my transcript,am in my 3rd year in nursing and wish to transfer to your school,how possible is that and how do I go about it and how much I’d there school fees thanks,here is my number +2347961082210

  44. samira says:

    pls can someone help me ,must I have English language before I will admitted in Uba like de case with Ub

  45. Theodore says:

    Pls I wish to find out if PhD program for economics have been launched

  46. Nwanyam Ephraim says:

    please I wish to have the communiqué of accounting, I want to apply but I don’t know the procedure, can some one help me.thanks

  47. kajoh metanish says:

    i wish to know the requirements on microbiology and the date line for application

  48. DINYUY GERVAS says:


  49. Ngum Olivia says:

    Please is the registeration for mgt still open and what are the process

  50. frankline says:

    How much does it take for a student to study as a private student in the university

  51. KAMGA CYRILLE says:

    please what are the procedure to apple in UBA please somebody help

  52. Lynsay says:

    Please what could I study at the university of bda with 2pnts in geo and history without being a teacher?

  53. Bongwel Elvine Nan says:

    pls i wish to know if UBA offers accounting


      yes ,there is a faculty of economic and management sciences, under which accounting is done

      • TAAH SILLY says:

        I want to study maths and computer sciences but I dont have maths in o level or A level either. what advice can you give me. I have the sciences in O and A except maths

  54. Njock Rudiger says:

    hello i wish to inquire about a masters program in finance and investment that was launched in 2014 and the fist intake had already begun it is supervised by professor Njeimanted i wish to know whether admissions are open again

  55. Keshia says:

    Hello madam, I wish to know de numbers of points needed to register in the university of Bamenda

  56. oteh says:

    I wish to register for political science. I don’t know the admission procedure and deadline. Can some one help me

    • Anita says:

      I wish to asked i have GCE O/A level economics, English, I even had commerce at GCE O/L but no maths but wish to register in the economic department. please is this possible

  57. Kingsley says:

    Hi, i wish to know if a master program will be launch in political science this academic year

  58. mbema franck says:

    hello please i really wish to enter the school but i d’ont have english or math in the o level but i had 6 papers whit good grades with a B in economics in advance level i had 3/3 with a C in economics.please could you look for a solution for such students because we are much of us without english and math but who are brillant and talking for me i am sure to be up to the task and even above please help me

  59. SIRENE NWANI says:


  60. ngolle says:

    i wish to know the registration requirements for the year three of the first cycle, of the enset bambili.

  61. Bongkeh christian abang says:

    Hello madam, i wish to know about the masters program in relation to English private law. student in the university of yaounde 2 soa.

  62. Tetuh Joel says:

    Dear Sir/Madam please I wish to have more information about HITL and the subjects needed for this course. Thanks

  63. Bertrand says:

    hello, just wanted to ask if we can do application online so as to enable some one like me not to travel to Bamenda to do it.

  64. loretta eyambe says:

    hello sir/madame ; i wish to know the various faculties your institution offers and more about the field of marketx and telecommunication.

  65. ebene says:

    Good afternoon Sir/Madam
    i wish to know the various different faculties which your institution offer

  66. Njila Julius says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I wish to know about Master’s program in the field of Public Administration and policy Analysis.

  67. Shafe Philip says:

    Wish to know about Master’s program in the school of Education. Administration, Guidance And Counselling, Special Need Etc

  68. biame kum says:

    faculties in Bamenda will help north west based students a great deal, we the parents
    are happy but the time the administration has taken to release the list of accepted candidates has already frustrated and is still frustrating so many students who can only attend a state university . Now they are still waiting for the list to be out should some be rejected where will they go to, when no other state university is on going with recrutement and even if that be the case students should at least know when the list will be released just to keep them ready .thanks

  69. dieudonne says:

    We hope that the creation of new falculties will also lead to the creation buildings to the management please

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