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ENS Maroua Concours 2019-2020: First year of the second cycle Entrance.

Article 9: The oral test for final admission, reserved only to candidates who succeeded in the written examination, will take place in the Maroua unique Centre. It shall be centred on general knowledge and bilingual training. It has as objective to assess the candidate’s ability to carry out communication in English and French in general and pedagogic communication as well.

Article 10 : The mark for school attendance shall be allocated based on the following criteria the

    • candidate’s age.
    • the number of years spent in secondary education.
  • marks obtained at the GCE/OL or the Probatoire and the GCE/AL or the Baccalauréat.

Article 12: ENS Maroua Concours 2019-2020.

    1. At the end of the oral test, the jury shall establish, according to series and in order of merit, the tentative list of candidates for final admission.
    1. The candidate’s performance in the written examination or in the final admission cannot be carried forward from one academic year to another.
  1. The final results will be published by the Minister of Higher Education.

Article 11: The composition of the jury for the written examination and the orals cited in articles 9 and 12 above shall be established in a special text by the Minister of Higher Education in conformity with the regulation in force.

Article 12: The examination fees mentioned in article 4 above are non-refundable.

Article 13 : The Rector of the University of Maroua, the Director for University Accreditations and Quality and the Director of the Higher Teachers’ Training College (ENS) Maroua are, each in his sphere, charged with the implementation of this order which shall be recorded and published in English and in French wherever need arises./-

ENS Maroua Concours 2019-2020: First year of the second cycle Entrance Examinations.

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