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ENS Maroua Concours 2019-2020: First year of the second cycle Entrance.

ENS Maroua Concours 2019-2020:

Article 3: Candidates’ files shall comprise the following documents:

For the sections of Student-Teachers of Secondary General Education and the Guidance Counselling:

    • An application form to sit for the examination, obtainable from the Higher Teacher’s Training College (ENS), the examination centres and the regional delegations for Secondary Education. It can be also downloaded from the following MINESUP Internet website: and ENS Maroua website or
    • A certified photocopy of birth certificate, dated not more than six (6) months ago.
    • Results transcripts of the GCE/OL or the Probatoire and the GCE/AL or the Baccalaureat signed or certified by the competent Examination Boards.
    • A certified photocopy of the Bachelor’s degree or Licence or any other equivalent
      diploma / certificate recognized by the Minister of Higher Education, dated not more than six (6) months ago, the sucess Testimonial signed or certified by the competent school authority.
    • A medical certificate issued by a medical doctor working with the Administration, testifying that the candidate is physically and medically apt to work as a teacher. Notably that he/she has no physiological impairments especially concerning speech, hearing, sight or movement.
    • A certificate of non-conviction (bulletin n°3) dated not more than three (03) months ago.
    • A receipt showing payment of the sum of twenty thousand francs (20 000) CFA F as examination fees, issued by BICEC account N° 37344672001-43. No other mode of payment shall be accepted.
    • A large envelop bearing postal stamps respecting current rates and carrying the exact address of the candidate.
    • Two (2) passport size (4×4) photographs.
  • An authorization from the Minister of Basic Education, the Minister of Secondary Education or the Minister of Higher Education, as the case may be, for candidates who are civil servants currently working in Ministries.

Article 4: Candidates who are holders of foreign diplomas/ certificates have to present the decision of equivalence issued by the Minister of Higher Education.

Article 5:

Complete files shall be deposited either at the regional delegations for Secondary Education (except in Yaounde and Maroua), on the campus of the University of Yaounde I or at the Higher Teacher’s Training College (ENS) Maroua (Admissions Service) latest Friday 30th August 2019.

Article 6: (1) The examination papers will comprise the following:

    • a mark for school attendance which will account for 30% in the overall assessment.
  • two written tests which will account for 60% in the overall assessment.
  • an oral test which will account for 10% in the overall assessment.

(2) The mark for school attendance shall be taken into account only at the end of the oral test for the final admission.

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