Fully funded scholarships for international students 2022-2023 : 27+


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  1. MOSA MOLOPO says:


  2. ATEHMANKEH William NKEPANG says:

    I’m longing for a PhD in Public Health Nutrition scholarships. Can someone help, please. Thanks

  3. ATEHMANKEH William NKEPANG says:

    I’m longing for a PhD in Public Health Nutrition scholarships

  4. Tebong says:

    I wish to be a candidate

  5. Ananiya says:

    I have a wish to learn in one of your best high school so i am asking for this opportunity

  6. Mekoueng kapoh Goodness says:

    Please i wished to be one of the candidates for scholarship. Thanks

  7. Gracie Cruise Amarachi says:

    I wish to be one of the candidate to study abroad.

  8. Acha shulammite Atim says:

    I wish to apply and be chosen to study abroad through the help of scholarship

    • Abeh Kisito says:

      Why don’t we team up and hustle for these scholarships?.

  9. bayingana says:

    I love the opportunities funded abroad and it we would be really great to study in one of this prestigious insitutes

  10. ADRIANO says:

    I’m really glad to see this awesome about abroad scholarship… I look forward waiting for an early reply from you.

  11. Gobé mouto sara Esther says:

    Je souhaiterai être retenu pour Une Bourse niveau master 🙏

  12. DESIRE says:

    I wish to be part of the successful candidate in the scholarship program,one of my great dreams is to study abroad

  13. Fon Emilia says:

    interested. how do we go about it

    • Moïra Leene Etienzock says:

      Je souhaite obtenir une bourse d’étude

      Wish i may obtain a Scholarship ❤️🐿

  14. Muhammed Siraj says:

    It is a good opportunity. l want to study abroad.thank you

  15. Seh Ronate Ngwa says:

    This is a powerful program and great opportunity for all l wish to be one of the candidates to benefit from this wonderful opportunity.Thank you.

  16. Bongyu talla herman says:

    Wish to be one of the candidates for the scholarship

  17. Blandine Mengopeh says:

    It is really an awesome program for helping others out .I will really love to study abroad because there are so many facilities there .

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